Help Build PT History in the Pat Travers Rockipedia!

April 6, 2011 Posted by Pat Travers Band



PT is honored to have been invited to contribute to the most ambitious project in musical history. It’s Sceneroller, and it will be the world’s richest encyclopedia of music and musicians. Think a three-dimensional Wikipedia, with wired connections amongst all of the world’s musicians and fans. You need to see it to understand – and believe!

And PT is inviting all fans to contribute. Add your most memorable PT shows, tracks, roadies – memories. What’re you waiting for, Hammerhead? Start now!

2 Responses to Help Build PT History in the Pat Travers Rockipedia!

  1. Craig Sease says:

    First time I saw Pat I remember well. March 20th 1982 when he filled in for Ozzy at the Rock Superbowl in Orlando. It was the day after Randy Rhoads was killed. Have seen lotsa shows since but wish things would have been different and his services were not needed that day. Pat never plays anything short of an amazing show. Can’t wait to see you again soon… Rest easy Randy…… Oh yeah .. I have pics from that show as well….. Rock on PAT !!!!!!!

  2. james tackett says:

    Hello Pat, How bout some shows with ufo? man cant forget those days & nights kinda sticks to my brain. thanks james. p.s. ufo is touring the u.s.

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