Makes No Difference

Pat Travers

Makin’ Magic

Putting It Straight

Heat in the Street

The Pat Travers You Missed Mini Album

Go For What You Know

Live! Boom Boom

(Out Go The Lights)
UK Import Single

Crash and Burn

Is This Love(Japanese Single)

Is This Love

Snortin’ Whiskey

(US Single)

Snortin’ Whiskey

Stateboro Blues





Black Pearl

Valley Girl

Hot Shot

Best Of Pat Travers

Boom Boom

School of Hard Knocks

Anthology Vol 1

Anthology Vol 2

Best of Pat Travers

Boom Boom

BBC Radio 1

Live Concert


Blues Tracks

Just A Touch

Hats Off To Stevie Ray Vaughn

Fit For A King

Songs From The Better Blues Bureau

Masters of Metal

Blues Magnet

Cream Of The Crop

Animal Magnetism

Halfway To Somewhere

Lookin’ Up

King Biscuit


Whiskey Blues

Best Of Blues + Live!

King Biscuit

Blues Tracks 2

Don’t Feed The Alligators

Boom Boom

BBC Radio 1



Voices Of Classic Rock

Voices For America

Etched In
Stone Live – Tempe, AZ NYE

Putting It Striaight

Heat In The Street

Double CD

Power Trio

20th Century Masters

Best of Pat Travers

Travers & Appice

It Takes A Lot Of Balls

Sideways – Snortin’ Whiskey


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