Book a private Video Session with Pat Travers!

Want to learn the lead break to your favorite PT song? Want The Man to critique your slide work?

Even if you’re not a guitar player, a 30-minute Skype video call with Pat Travers could be a precious moment for you. Pat will share his expertise, his wry wit and his passion for music and life in a private, 1:1 session that you can cherish and replay over and over via an optional video recording showing you and Pat together.

Skype is a free, easy-to-use software program that you can download from here. Operating it is simple, and the video calling option is also free.

To make a video call, you just need a webcam and microphone. If you own a laptop purchased within the past two years, it’s likely the laptop includes a built-in webcam and microphone that will work perfectly. Otherwise you can order a simple webcam-microphone combination like this one.

Here’s how to reserve your slot for a private session with PT:

1. Use this link to book a 30-minute slot at least a week in advance.

2. You will receive an automatic email response, and a second email with instructions for submitting payment via PayPal or credit card (see price list below)

3. Once payment has been received, you will receive another email with instructions for setting up your video and audio equipment at the time of the session.

You’ll also be asked how you want to spend the 30 minutes with Pat – the name of a song you’d like to practice, a subject you’d like to discuss, etc.


* Hammerhead Club Members: $250 per 30-minute session

* Non-Hammerhead Club Members: $300 per 30-minute session

* Optional video recording (download): $50

* Optional video recording (DVD): $75

(Not a Hammerhead Club member? You should be! Sign up here


* Canceled sessions: if cancellation occurs at least 48 hours before the session, fees will be refunded. Otherwise, no refunds.

* Technical requirements: you must have a Windows or Macintosh PC with a broadband internet connection. A laptop camera will suffice, but you’ll get better results with an external webcam and a high-quality audio headset.

Book your slot now!

If the link isn’t working for you, please send an email to with 2 or 3 preferred dates and time slots.

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